What is Fruit Fair Express?

The core of Fruit Fair's mission is to serve the great community of Chicopee and alleviate its issues regarding nutritious and healthy food accessibility.

As the sole remaining independent supermarket supporting local farms and vendors, Fruit Fair is determined to provide high-quality and fresh food to food deserts like Chicopee.

Fruit Fair Express is aimed to provide the most convenient ways to shop at our store, while improving the access to quality foods to underserved areas.

How is Fruit Fair Helping?

In an effort to provide more accessibility to our loyal community, we have introduced multiple efforts in making your shopping more convenient and accesssible.

To those without a method of transportation, we offer shuttles to and from our store, allowing our customers the ability to shop for healthy and nutritious foods.

For our health-conscious and immunocompromised customers, we began working with Instacart, so you can have your groceries delivered and skip the trip to the store.

We also offer curbside or in-store pickup to those looking to make their shopping trips quick and easy.

Fruit Fair is Here With You

Fruit Fair is committed to serving our community and our loyal customers, especially during the most difficult and uncertain times. To our customers who are unable to reach the store or shop in-person, we have extended our services for delivery and curbside pickup. Our doors remain open to you to provide you with quality service and product.

Ready to Pickup?

For curbside pickup, once you've arrived at the store, please call (413) 592-1097 and let us know you're here and we will bring your groceries to you.

Call the Store

For in-store pickup, please approach the register or a store representative and we will gather your order for you.